1981 Honda C70 Passport

This sweet little scooter belongs to Matt Schnable of Harvest Records in West Asheville. It has been sitting for 5 years not running, but patiently waiting its turn to hit the road again.

The short story is this: Matt got this bike several years ago when he was in college. Almost 6 years ago it was stolen from behind Harvest Records, not long after they opened. Nearly a year later Matt received a phone call that it had been found. When he went to retrieve his long lost friend it had been the victim of abuse and abandonment. The thieving scoundrel who took it had ripped out the ignition switch, unbolted the steering lock mechanism, rigged some wiring, broken the plastic knee guard fairing on both sides, and smashed into something that put a sizable hole in the front casing of the cylinder head. (I’ll add some more detailed pics of those areas later.) Understandably, Matt was thrilled to have the scooter back, but not so thrilled to be faced with all the damages. And so the little yellow C70 sat and sat.

As things have a certain way of working out, I was speaking with Matt a few weeks ago about reviving old motorcycles and teaching people how to do their own maintenance when he told me about his Honda. We set a date and as of last weekend started the process of RestoReviving the Passport! We are currently tracking down some of the parts that were broken or lost, and will be working on it again later this week.

The Vitals-

Compression: 124 psi

Spark Plug: wet with gas – only slightly sooty

Oil: full but very dark- doesn’t smell burned

Battery: 6volt- totally corroded, positive cable snapped on removal

General Condition: fairing cracked, cylinder head broken, air breather box cover missing, very old fuel in tank, gas tank interior rusty, rear brake not returning after engaging- likely due to battery corrosion gumming up the pivot

Carb: dismantled float bowl- very clean inside. I broke the little plastic tab on the float- gotta order a new one…

Electrical system non-functioning without ignition switch, but starter turns when jumped from solenoid.


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