Rain Delay

Well, no physical work on the bikes today due to weather. I did speak with Matt about some parts I tracked down for the Passport so they should be in by the beginning of next week at the latest.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours on the CB750 restoring the side covers. Both were cracked, the left side badly, but some diligence and a little time and they’re looking good.

Just Hangin' Out... to dry

A note on the paint on the CB750:It is a color change called “chrome illusion” that changes from gold-orange-pink-purple-blue. I am not a fan, I must say. I have seen some color change paints on cars that look great, but this particular one should not be on the small surface areas of a motorcycle. Too busy for such a small area. Also, it was a homemade job for sure, lots of pinholes in the paint along the lower edge of the gas tank. This is common when an inexperienced, and often impatient, person wields the spray gun. The key to painting, and particularly color change paint, is several successive thin coats. If you get impatient and don’t pay close attention to when you put your next coats on you can get bubbles from off-gassing that then pop and leave pinholes. It’s all about the VOCs, ya heard?

Back to the point, the side panels are almost done. I patched the cracks and sanded them smooth again, but they need a little touchup sanding and a final coat of their new color: flat black. I’m seriously looking forward to painting the gas tank tomorrow if the weather is nice!


About Lyman Edwards

A multi-talented dude from the swampy woods of North Florida, Lyman has a couple blogs chronicling his adventures and art endeavors. Lyman's art is about community and social action, and is centered around wood fired pizza ovens that he builds, currently in Asheville, NC. These adventures can be followed at www.lymanedwardsceramics.wordpress.com. His other blog, www.restorevival.wordpress.com, follows his encounters with vintage machines of transportation. Twenty plus years of maintenance and restoration and his propensity for fine art and craftsmanship give him a keen eye and steady hand when breathing new life into these old motorcycles, cars, and boats.
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