It’s Coming Together

The last week or so has been either really busy, or bad weather, or both. I mean… it was snowing when I got up this morning! But that didn’t stop me from installing a new headlight and rear turn signal.

I have been able to get a few things sorted out with my bike when the weather cooperated like finishing the paint on the tank and side covers, which of course included some basic body work on the tank to remove the large dent.

Black on Black

After pulling the tank to fix and paint it I discovered that it is not a ’76 tank. Honda moved the petcock to the left side in ’74, but mine is on the right. So I figured I would just do a quick facelift to get me rolling while I look for a good ’76 tank. I also replaced both throttle cables and spent a couple hours cleaning the bike and polishing the chrome. While the tank was off I decided to clean it out as it was pretty rusty. Here’s before and after:



You can clearly see the difference. And what did I use to get it that clean you ask? Well… I am working on a super duper non-coating top secret cleaning method that gets all the rust out, but requires no etching or coating of the inside of the tank. No harsh chemicals that could damage the paint on the outside, and no residue to later deteriorate and end up in your carbs or worse! When I have it perfected I’ll start offering it as a mail order RestoRevival exclusive service… with club membership and a secret handshake for those in the know.

Last Wednesday I spent a couple hours with Matt working on the Passport. I think it’s safe to say that the person who stole it knew little or nothing about scooters. We are sorting out some mangled wiring issues at present, but we got the carb back together and found some more parts online so that’s progress. We meet again tomorrow to see why it’s not getting any power when we hook up the battery. Here are a couple shots of what we’re looking at.

Jacked up wiring and corrosion damage


I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to look like this...

In any case, it sure is fun working on this little scooter. I’m looking forward to finishing it just as much as I’m looking forward to finishing mine!


About Lyman Edwards

A multi-talented dude from the swampy woods of North Florida, Lyman has a couple blogs chronicling his adventures and art endeavors. Lyman's art is about community and social action, and is centered around wood fired pizza ovens that he builds, currently in Asheville, NC. These adventures can be followed at His other blog,, follows his encounters with vintage machines of transportation. Twenty plus years of maintenance and restoration and his propensity for fine art and craftsmanship give him a keen eye and steady hand when breathing new life into these old motorcycles, cars, and boats.
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