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A multi-talented dude from the swampy woods of North Florida, Lyman has a couple blogs chronicling his adventures and art endeavors. Lyman's art is about community and social action, and is centered around wood fired pizza ovens that he builds, currently in Asheville, NC. These adventures can be followed at His other blog,, follows his encounters with vintage machines of transportation. Twenty plus years of maintenance and restoration and his propensity for fine art and craftsmanship give him a keen eye and steady hand when breathing new life into these old motorcycles, cars, and boats.

Move it on over…

Just changed my blog over to the new address: Working out some bugs with images, but the content is all there. Keep an eye on progress there now instead of here! Word. Lyman Advertisements

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Sneek Peek

Well alrighty then. Having finished the body work and painting, replacing the throttle cables, adjusting the float level, valves, removing and cleaning the cam chain tensioner, and slapping in a new battery… I fired it up last weekend and took … Continue reading

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It’s Coming Together

The last week or so has been either really busy, or bad weather, or both. I mean… it was snowing when I got up this morning! But that didn’t stop me from installing a new headlight and rear turn signal. … Continue reading

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Still rainin’

No break in the weather today. Since I don’t have a garage or carport I gotta go with the flow. Yesterday it rained most of the day too, but during a break I pulled the tank and got a good … Continue reading

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Rain Delay

Well, no physical work on the bikes today due to weather. I did speak with Matt about some parts I tracked down for the Passport so they should be in by the beginning of next week at the latest. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Ready to Roll

This week’s adventures: a 1981 Honda C70 Passport scooter owned by none other than Matt Schnable from Harvest Records. And a 1976 Honda CB750 K6 motorcycle rescued by yours truly. Not a “barn find” in the strictest sense, as those … Continue reading

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