I like inventing words. NoMotos is pretty self explanatory. Things that we can ride or otherwise propel us forward but have no motor. The following pics are a couple bicycles that are upcoming projects. The first is Bridget’s old fixie from her days in Brooklyn.

Italvega fixed gear, circa 1980s.

She hasn’t ridden it in a while since she normally rides her Specialized Sirrus and we have moved around a lot in the last few years so the Italvega was in storage for some time. It only needs some basic lubing and cleaning and a wheel/tire check to get rolling again. This one I will be able to get to soon. If it was a large enough frame size for me I would get to it sooner….

Next is a pair of old three speed internal hub commuters that I picked up a couple years ago for literally nothing. They both need a lot of work before they are ready. The men’s bike is a Columbia Sports III that I have had for about 3 years awaiting RestoRevival.

Columbia Sports III, Circa 1975

It was in working order when I got it but had a couple broken spokes. The shifter worked fine and the brakes were usable, but the tires were about to burst at their seams. I rode it around a few times for fun. It needs a good cleaning and lube, and probably new cables to be sure. Waiting in the basement.

Next to it is a cute little Bay Pointe 3 Speed that I picked up for Bridget’s birthday about three years ago, bringing her bike stable to four, compared to my three.

B's Bay Pointe 3 Speed, Circa 1982

It needs about the same stuff as my Columbia, but since the paint on it is an almost exact match to my ten year older 3 speed I couldn’t pass it up. I like to think they will make a nice his and hers set.

Vintage commuters are making a strong comeback right now. There are some that are more desirable than others of course, but these guys in San Diego are making a very strong case for the classics. I like to go check out whatever they’re working on when I visit my brother.


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