This page will act as a showcase of select RestoRevivals that have found new homes.

In 1996 I bought a sweet little all stock 1970 VW bug. It was in decent condition. All original, but the engine had been rebuilt, the floor pans were really rusty and there was a hole in the floor pan in front of the battery tray. It ran well, just needed a little lovin’. I was the third owner.

I drove that car for the next 13 years making improvements all the while. Last year I finally decided to sell it while it was in its prime.


Here are some pictures I took a couple days before I sold it.

The Bug

It was always a fantastic car. The VW bug is a real classic, and a great car to learn on. While I don’t want to drive one any more, I sure still check them out when I see one drive by.



I sold it so that I could move on to another project. My next RestoRevival candidate was another classic, but from a different era. A first generation Toyota 4Runner. These were an instant hit in the 80s and have remained popular and retained a high resale value ever since. Partly due to their no-nonsense 4wd capabilities and partly due to their super sweet styling, oh, and the top came off which made it into a pickup truck with a back seat! An instant hit anywhere near the beach!

1988 Toyota 4Runner

When I got this one it had been sitting for a couple years. Most notably the interior was disgusting with mold, cigarette smoke, grease, and trash. The suspension was shot, the rear widow was stuck open, the vacuum lines were confused, it needed a new timing chain, and some other stuff. This one was mostly an elbow grease restoration. It ran fine, but looked like crap. After several days of scrubbing, an all new suspension with new rear leaf springs to eliminate that oh-so-depressing 4Runner rear end sag, and a new set of tires on some aftermarket rims and the ol’ Toyota was looking top notch once again. I sold it just a couple weeks ago to fund my newest project, the CB750.


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